How do I set up appointment with one of models?

You can give us a call anytime, and we can help you to choose your perfect date. Please call us and meet one of our models today !

Are the models in your gallery real?

All pictures are genuine and recent. Our models really are that beautiful (and they are photographed by professionals with perfect lighting and make up, of course). We definitely want to avoid giving false expectation, and have never seen much sense in sending a different looking girl, only to have her send away, and loosing you forever as a customer. We believe in a long term relationship.

Can I get in touch with the escort and book her directly?

No. Our ladies choose to be represented by our agency to avoid the “hassle” of having to arrange their own calendar and negotiating their own fees. Too many ladies complain that clients pester them for their email address or phone number.
Many say that some clients feel rejected, or “let down” when the lady does not acquiesce to their demand and it can often ruin the memory of a perfectly enjoyable meeting with someone. We would ask you to be a gentleman and not to press the lady for information that she may not want to give. For those of you who wish to contact a lady directly there are many excellent independent escorts in London and Europe who will be delighted to have you as a client.

Do I have to pay a taxi fare if the lady visits me?

Taxi fare is applicable on all outcall bookings. We will notify you of the cost at the time of booking and the lady will be more than happy to provide the taxi receipt.
For bookings outside of London, we may ask that you book the lady an Uber on your account but that is something that will be discussed and agreed upon when making the booking.

Can I book one of your ladies for a duo with an escort from a different agency?

Most of our ladies are friends and would prefer to duo with someone that they already know socially and this can only increase your enjoyment of the experience, however, we will of course do all that we can to fulfil your request. We will however need to know who the other lady is and run it past the Allure lady first.

Can you send me more photos of the models ?

No, we can not. We are not authorized by the models to send more photos than there is on the website. All photos are 100 % real

Can I specify a dress code for the lady to come?

Yes. Your model will come to the date dressed as you please: classy, discreet, casual, … Don’t hesitate to provide us with specific requests: we will try to meet them.

Do you guarantee confidentiality and security?

We guarantee privacy and discretion of our models and our staff. All information you provide for us are confidential